Hosting and Infrastructure
Information about the hardware and infrastructure behind Submarine.

Where are Submarine's servers hosted?

On Digital Ocean in the United States.
Our infrastructure is provided by Digital Ocean, with availability regions within the United States. Locating our servers in the United States was a decision made based on proximity to Shopify's servers and to the majority of our merchants' customer bases.
We have the ability to deploy Submarine to alternate regions or to in-house infrastructure if merchants have specific legal or compliance needs.

Does Submarine use multi-tenant architecture?

Just like Shopify Plus, Submarine's servers are multi-tenant by default (meaning we service multiple merchants from the same servers).
We have the ability to deploy Submarine to single-tenant infrastructure if merchants have specific legal or compliance needs.

What is Submarine's SLA or uptime guarantee?

We don't offer a contractual SLA or uptime guarantee.
Because Submarine is tightly integrated with Shopify Plus (which does not provide a formal SLA or uptime guarantee), we are unable to provide either of those things.
The way Submarine is architected, any outages on the Submarine side will not prevent customers from completing orders or cause data loss.
To date, Submarine itself has demonstrated five nines reliability and uptime.

Does Submarine provide a staging or sandbox environment?

Submarine has a fully-functional staging environment, and we encourage all merchants to set Submarine up on a development or staging Shopify store for testing and development purposes. In the staging environment, sandbox payment provider credentials can be used during testing.

Can Submarine scale?

Yes - we've handled high traffic launch events in the past.
Submarine's architecture makes it well-suited to handle high traffic events and merchants processing large volumes. Unlike some other payment or subscription solutions, Submarine is integrated natively into the Shopify checkout, which is able to automatically scale to handle very high traffic volumes, even in cases of flash sale or launch events.
Last modified 2yr ago